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Rotary Club Grant

We’re immensely thankful for this generous grant from the Rotary Club of Salida to cover our seed expenses! Thank you, CFTT Board member and Rotary Club leader David Wood, for assisting with the grant. Below is the article posted by the Mountain Mail on March 1.

"Rotary Club of Salida donates $4,500 to Colorado Farm to Table Feb. 19. The grant will allow the farm to purchase all the seed needed for its 2024 planting. The projected goal for the fall harvest is around 100,000 pounds of fresh produce, which is distributed free of cost through 24 partner food banks and local pantries around the state. Rotary officials said the project is a perfect example of how local Rotary Clubs working with Rotary International can make a difference in their communities. From left are Steve Riden; Margaret Purnell; Dan Wardrop; Thomas McDaniel, farm manager; Laurie Kari, executive director; Steve Jones, club president; Tim Black; David Wood; and Devon Kasper."

rotary donation.jpg

Laurie Kari, CFTT executive director, TJ McDaniel, farm director, and David Wood, CFTT board member and Rotary Club member, pictured with the Rotary Club of Salida.

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