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We Have a New Logo

   Colorado Farm to Table (CFTT) is excited to launch our new logo! We have been planning this update for some time now and we are thrilled to share it with you – our supporters, donors, volunteers, and partners. Our marketing committee volunteers dedicated their time and expertise to approach the update in a thoughtful manner. We have been striving to clearly represent our values and mission and found the rebrand to be necessary. It was important to convey the 27-year history of CFTT, while enhancing the look and feel of our brand in a creative, visual way. The committee worked closely with the talented graphic designer, Tofer Flowers, who graciously took on the project and aligned himself with our vision, and limited budget, to create the new logo.Tofer, who makes Austin home, has worked as a brand identity designer for more than 12 years. He loves helping organizations develop their logos and shape their brands. “I am grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to work with Colorado Farm to Table and am excited to see what’s next for this impactful organization,” he shared.


   A logo is more than an emblem—it serves as the foundational visual expression of CFTT. The logo is a symbol for the quality of the ideas, products and services CFTT provides. The logo is constructed as a seal. At the center of the seal, is an abstracted illustration of Colorado’s mountain range and rows of fertile farm land. The lines of the illustration are designed to provide a feeling of upward motion, while the colors are bright and energetic. Lastly, CFTT name and established date wrap the illustration to pull the elements together. The colors in the logo are, appropriately, Green Field, Cream, Yellow Corn, Green Energy, Blue Sky, Red Dirt and White Cloud.

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