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Thank you Penny M.

   Penny M. thinks” playing in the dirt is healthy, keeps you moving, and makes you feel good.” Penny feels connected to the earth when she’s out on the farm and it keeps bringing her back year after year. That’s for sure - Penny has been volunteering with CFTT for OVER 20 YEARS!!!! Her first job was counting cabbages for the inmates who were harvesting.


   She also appreciates “the fact that all of the produce is given straight from the farm to those in need and it is the best produce, not simply what’s left over or about to spoil.” She thinks that volunteering with CFTT “is an easy way to give back and loves that you can see the fruits of your labor.”


   Over the years Penny has volunteered on many tasks, including: driving the tractor to put out irrigation pipe, coordinating volunteers and food bank recipients, coordinating the annual farm gleaning day, providing vegetable blanching events with elder groups, planting, harvesting, hoeing, and irrigating. She even delivered single boxes of produce on her motorcycle to smaller food banks.


   Here’s a gigantic thank you for your many years of hard work at CFTT!

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