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A Volunteer's Joy

By Frank Haas

   I am a bit early. I am a new volunteer. So I ask TJ a lot of questions as eight other volunteers arrive. It is a beautiful spring morning. A bit cool and the ground is moist to the surface. The field is furrowed and ready for planting. If all goes as planned, we will have completed that task before noon!

   I am walking up and down the field. Nine of us following furrows. Dropping seeds. We share stories. Talk about the weather and seasons past. Speculate on how many squashes might be harvested by fall. My planting cup is empty so I call out to TJ for more seeds. Together we plant thousands of seeds. Each one holding the possibility of sustenance!

   We have finished. Yes! It is warm now. And the surface of the field has dried. Our coats were shed along the farm road as we worked. TJ will cover the seeds and create irrigation ditches alongside our planted rows. Much work lies ahead to bring the crop to fruition, for sure, but this is the start!

   I walk back to my car and head home. Together, we accomplished something significant this fine spring morning. And throughout the summer, very time I drive past this field, I will feel a new connection to place. And smile. Life is good!

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