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You & CFTT = Food Security & Good Health for Our Neighbors

With our state’s population growing at a fast and furious rate along with increasing levels of tourism, the mission at Colorado Farm to Table (CFTT) of producing enough fresh, nutritious and sustainably resourced food for our neighbors in need takes on an urgency.

In the US, general health guidelines provide the basics of what people should be eating. However, these guidelines don’t come close to what the human body requires to function properly.  Consuming diets high in processed food and low in nutrients limits our bodies’ molecular processes. While research continues to reveal that this is where chronic disease starts to creep in over time, there seems no real way to measure how this ongoing cycle is so debilitating for people who don’t have the resources to properly manage their health – not to mention the heavy load being placed on an already fragile healthcare system.


Current analysis of Colorado counties shows that poorer and more isolated communities, with a lack of affordable and nutritious foods, track for higher disease and health issues. Building local robust food systems with farms like CFTT will help reverse these trends, and this is where you come in! The support of hardworking volunteers and sponsors is what the farm needs to continue delivering nutritious accessible food for free throughout our state.


Volunteer Today!

A Farmer’s Tan Practically Screams You Love Your Community!


Lend a hand and rock those work boots. Helping out on the farm reduces food scarcity and disease for our neighbors in need. Can you help? Sign up for a shift today. Click here to volunteer


Our farm truly relies on donations, sponsors, distribution partners, momma nature, and most importantly - an awesome team of volunteers.  This year, Farmer TJ is managing the farm without an assistant, so help from volunteers in and out of the greenhouse and during harvest season is more crucial than ever.


In 2022, 52 thousand pounds of vegetables have been given away this year to 24 distribution partners in eight different counties.  To meet increased demand and production targets, we need volunteers to help plant, hoe, weed, and harvest.


As we step into these short summer months, bring family members, and a friend down to the farm. Get your hands dirty, let your inner child have a field day and feel good doing good. With your help, we’ll get there!


Read about our current CFTT volunteer positions and sign up today! Click to learn more

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