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Donations Appreciated

Thank you to all who donated during Colorado Gives! We raised over $12,000 thanks to your generosity! Even though the Colorado Gives campaign is over, you can still donate to CFTT. Donations can be made at Colorado Farm to Table, Inc. | Donate | Colorado Gives 365. Or, checks or cash can be mailed to Colorado Farm to Table, PO Box 826, Salida, CO 81201. Our contact info is and 719-207-2209. Your donations will help us provide free produce to food insecure Coloradans.


Food insecurity continues to be a problem in Colorado. The COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and the rising cost of living are just a few of the variables leading to a dramatic surge in hunger across the state. In 2023, the Colorado Health Foundation found that nearly 40% of Coloradans are worried about affording food, and the 2023 Kids Count In Colorado report found that 17% of families say their children are not eating enough because food isn’t affordable.

Research shows that food insecurity can kick off a chain of cascading impacts that make it increasingly difficult to escape poverty, such as higher rates of disease like diabetes and heart disease, which can lead to higher health care costs, impacting a person’s ability to work or go to school. The ripple effects of food insecurity can be particularly harmful for children. When children don’t have enough nutritious food to eat, their physical and mental health, academic achievement, and chances at future economic prosperity all suffer, according to Feeding America. There are also links between food insecurity and delayed development in young children, as well as risk of chronic illnesses, and behavioral issues.

CFTT aims to help Coloradans overcome those challenges by providing increased access to fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce that delivers more nutritional punch than the shelf-stable pre-packaged foods often available at food banks. The organizations that distribute CFTT’s produce serve a wide range of people across the State of Colorado, including senior citizens on a fixed income, school children who don’t have consistent access to healthy food at home, and low-income families struggling to put food on the table. These are the people who benefit directly from the healthy produce that CFTT provides.

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