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A-B-C Veggies

Nutrients to be Harvested on the Farm this Year: Starting with our A-B-C Veggies


   There are a variety of minerals that crops uptake which are synthesized into important nutrients for the chemistry of our body and brain to function. In alpha order, here are
three staple veggies we are growing this season and how they support the functionality in living cells: nutty acorn squash, bodacious broccoli, and calming cabbage. 


   With high amounts of potassium found in just one cup of acorn squash, this farm-fresh winter veggie can facilitate better communication between our brain cells and other cells in the body. Healthy nerve signaling can alleviate anxiety issues making our lives calmer. Fully packed to keep your wheels in motion and balancing the body’s kinks, be
sure to remember a plateful of acorn squash in your seasonal dinner plans.

Pro Tip: If you have ever had a muscle cramp from dehydration after flying or overdoing it, (and to prevent cramps), eat some fresh squash! Wash, deseed, and bake squash flesh in half an inch of water until tender. Rinse and toast the seeds to enjoy sprinkled over a salad for later.


   Moving down the row and taking a deeper look at what a serving of broccoli can do for our cells, this awesome green bundle of florets provides a beneficial dose of calcium. A
nutrient that provides an extra boost to the body by signaling blood flow to the brain as well as assisting in neurotransmitter synthesis. Calcium is also super essential for humans on a molecular level: giving our bones what they need to grow and stay strong.

Pro Tip: All parts of the broccoli are edible. Leaves contain high levels of antioxidants and Vit.E. Broccoli stems are full of prebiotic fiber, iron, and Vit. C, while the internal florets
are rich in Vit. B and minerals.


   Last, but not least, meet our calming cabbage, packed with a happy helping of magnesium. Biochemically, Mg is involved with numerous reactions occurring in the
body, regulating our mood and blood sugar levels. Depletion of this nutrient can cause problems with mental fatigue and depression that may leave you feeling a bit blah. With
cabbage in your diet, we can have better days and healthier futures.

Pro Tip: Best ways to easily prepare cabbage without losing all the nutrients during the process:
  1) Freshly harvested and raw - thinly slice and let it rest for 10 minutes to allow the full flavor to pop, then just add it to your favorite dish with a splash of vinegar or some mustard.
  2) Steam it for about five minutes to enhance and preserve all its benefits. Enjoy topped with some toasted sesame oil and a dash of sea salt.

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